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Anaphylaxis Workshop Saturday 29th July

Helen Crilly  is running another Anaphylaxis workshop at John Flynn Hospital. This workshop is approved by ANZCA as an Emergency Response Activity for CPD purposes.

  • Venue: Auditorium, John Flynn Hospital
  • Date and Time: Saturday 29th July
  • Cost: Nil
  • Workshop description: The format involves some pre-reading, then practically using the updated anaphylaxis box to complete 3 different case scenarios in pairs, followed by a small group discussion to debrief and time for questions at the end. It will take 90 minutes.

To register, please log in and submit the form on the Anaphylaxis page.

Clinical meeting Friday 28th July

(Posted on behalf of Peter McLaren.)

  • Date: Friday 28th July, 2017
  • Time: 5.30 for 6.00pm
  • Topic: Nerve Block Workshop
  • Presenter: Stuart Greenway from Admedus
  • Venue: Gold Coast Private Hospital


Due to conflicts with every other date we could come up with, Stuart Greenway from Admedus has offered to hold a nerve block workshop in the evening on Friday, 28th July and it’s at GCPH! There will be a couple of presenters, an u/s machine and the usual food and drink. The company felt that for a workshop with small numbers and a short time, it would be difficult applying to ANZCA for higher points.

Still, it is an opportunity for those who do blocks in particular to network with others and discuss any problems they be having with equipment, assistants or their working environment. GCPH is close to GCUH and I would hope that the change of venue may attract some anaesthetists who work at both hospitals and find the trip to Pindara for other meetings a little difficult. It is a Friday but it should be over by 7.30!

I am trying the occasional Wednesday and here is a new venue. Please make every effort to support these local meetings!


Peter McLaren

AnSafe Meeting Friday 21st April

(posted on behalf of Alison Herdman)

The next Ansafe Meeting will be held on the Friday after Easter which is April 21st.

The meeting will be held as usual at the Southport Anaesthetic Services HQ at Minnie St and will start at 6pm promptly.

If you have any agenda items for Pindara, GCPH, GCSH or any issue which is bothering you please email me directly, or;

  • For Pindara James Derrick
  • For GCPH Adrian Skidmore or Stuart Green
  • For the GCSH Phil Lo
  • JFH have their own Anaesthetic Meetings which are chaired by Di Sapwell but very often Pindara issues are Ramsay issues so items overlap. Andrew Cairncross is the Anaesthetic MAC representative at JFH

You can also submit agenda items online from the GCAPE AnSafe page.

Alison Herdman.

Pindara Grand Rounds

Attendance counts towards ANZCA CPD – claim 2 hours (4 credits) under “Practice Evaluation – Case Discussions/Conferencing”

WHEN: 6.15pm – 9.00pm Thursday, 16 February 2017

WHERE: The Lakeside Terrace The Arts Centre Gold Coast 135 Bundall Rd Surfers Paradise


6.15pm Registration & welcome drinks

6.40pm Dinner served

7.00pm Presentation#1 Dr Bhaskar Chakravarty

8.00pm Presentation#2 Dr Scott Blundell and Dr Catherine Stewart

9.00pm Close

RSVP is essential. Registrations close Monday 13 February 2017.

Education Meeting Friday 4th November

(Posted on behalf of Peter McLaren)


The final clinical meeting of 2016 is what I call: “what I’ve learnt this year.” It originally came about as there seemed not enough people with contributions to a journal club or conference reports, so I combined them. Case reports are fine too as they usually involve a literature review; in fact, they will get us better CPD points! It doesn’t need to be a 10 minute talk; snippets are fine.

Stuart Greenway from Admedus will be the sponsor. Amongst other things, they supply portable, disposable LA infusion pumps that may offer advantages over the elastomeric ones and a range of regional block needles.

The venue is the boardroom at the end of the front entrance corridor at Pindara. 5.30 for 6. Food and drink supplied. Please RSVP for catering purposes.


Peter McLaren

AnSafe Meeting – Friday 14th October

(Posted on behalf of Alison Herdman)

Dear All,

The next AnSafe Meeting will be a combined business meeting and M&M.

It will be on Friday October 14th 5.30pm to start at 6pm.

The venue is once again the SAS HQ which is 84 Minnie St Southport.

Please email me with any M&M case you think would be of interest to present.

The GCPH Emergency Alarm issue will be discussed and we hope that representatives from the GCPH Exec will be present.

For other items to go on the agenda please contact me, Stuart Green, Adrian Skidmore, or Ian Cameron, or submit via the AnSafe web page.


Alison Herdman

Education Meeting Friday 2nd September

Meeting sponsored by Holly Weir from Seqirus, Australian distributors of Caldolor.

(Posted on behalf of Peter Cook)

Hi all,

I hope everyone is well.

As discussed with Peter McLaren and Hugh Stephens, the September clinical meeting on Friday afternoon 2/9/16 1730 for 1800 at Pindara Hospital Board Room is going to be a combined anaesthesia and intensive care meeting. The first part of the talk will be about non-paediatric anaesthetists and intensivists and their role in paediatric resuscitation – how can we safely resuscitate kids who we may not be accredited to anaesthetise electively? This come from some challenging cases we have had a Tweed Public recently. It is less of an issue in private but could occur in Pindara ED or kids who deteriorate on the paeds ward but it is also an issue that wise and experienced anaesthetists should have vision of and may be able to help address at a political level.

The second part of the talk is on the perioperative management of the septic patient and this will involve a case study not from the Gold Coast. My point here is that non-bleeding patients with severe sepsis should be expeditiously resuscitated, lined and given antibiotics prior to source control in theatre. The operating theatre is not the venue for rapid but titrated therapy preop and these patients should be admitted to intensive care for this prompt treatment. A relevant article is here: 

The title for my talk is:

“Anaesthetists and Challenging Scenarios: Paediatric Resuscitation and Severe Sepsis”

Board Room Pindara


1730 for 1800

You are all welcome. Please RSVP to Peter McLaren for catering.



Educational Meeting Friday 15th July

(Posted on behalf of Peter McLaren)

Hi guys,

Yes, we have a meeting next Friday. I’ve been trying to encourage others to share their clinical experience in their respective areas of expertise but finding no great enthusiasm. I would like to lead discussion on :

  • multimodal and pre-emptive management of PONV. What are your favourite mixtures?
  • intrathecal morphine – damned if you do and damned if you don’t?
    insertion of LMAs in the prone position – is it cowboy anaesthesia?
  • If any of these topics are of interest, please come along.

The catering is by Donna Clark of Covidien. She will be demonstrating an endoscopy bite block / oral airway that looks as though someone was watching ‘Silence of the Lambs’ just before they designed it!

The format is the same as usual; 5.30 for 6 in the board room at Pindara Hospital. Food and drink supplied. Please RSVP for catering purposes.

I do know it is the depths of a rugged Gold Coast winter but if the attendance isn’t a little bit up on last month’s airway workshop, these meetings may not continue. There will be a further M&M, a medicolegal and a presentation on evidence-based perioperative antibiotic therapy later this year.


Peter McLaren

AnSafe now a webAIRS site

AnSafe is now an approved site for webAIRS. Incidents can be entered under AnSafe and this information will be fed back to the Committee and the relevant hospitals.

You can earn 2 credits per hour for Incident Reporting/Monitoring under the difficult to obtain Practice Evaluation category.

How to sign up to webAIRS

When it comes to registering with a site, choose the first option, “Register with an existing Hospital, Private Practice or other organisation.” Then drill down through Australia, QLD, Gold Coast, and select AnSafe.

If you are already registered, then the process of registering with AnSafe is exactly the same.