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COVID-19 Airway Management Emergency Response Activity

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who attended. Proof of attendance will be emailed out this week.

When: Mornings of Friday 17th and Saturday 18th April
Where: Pindara APS room (2nd tea room)

Please register below, registration closes 7 am Thursday for the Friday session, and 12 md Friday for the Saturday session. The exact time of your session will be advised after these cut-offs.

This scenario involves the airway management of a critically ill COVID-19 patient who requires intubation for ventilation in ICU, and has been designed to meet the requirements of the ANZCA COVID-19 ERA. It will be particularly helpful if you have volunteered for ICU or an intubation team.

The session is based on the Safe Airway Society’s (SAS) Consensus Statement and will include;

  • a review of the SAS consensus statement
  • donning and doffing
  • an in-theatre simulation

Preparation: Please read, listen to, and watch the following;


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