Fit Testing

I am performing quantitative fit tests for Gold Coast health care workers. To schedule a fit test click here.

Pindara has provided me with Halyard (medium) and Dasheng (small) to test on Pindara VMOs. If you are not a Pindara VMO I can still test you if you bring your own masks. I can test both disposables and reusables.

NO TIGHT FITTING RESPIRATOR will work if you have facial hair.

Why fit test?

Tight fitting respirators only function properly if there is no leak. The graph shows the spread of submicron fit test results in my testing of untested and fitted disposable respirators (p <0.0001).

Disposable respirator fit rates are very variable. These are the pass rates I have seen in my testing. Results will vary in different populations. Results for Dasheng and 8110 are based on small numbers.

Disposable P2 and N95 respirators are tested using a special mode to account for the limited filtration capacity. This is how various mask types compare when tested on an equal basis. Note the log scale. The data suggest that tied surgical masks provide four times the aerosol protection of ear-loop masks.

Note that according to the standard, all half face negative pressure respirators are assigned a protection factor of 10.


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