Registration – a necessary evil

Why do you have to register to access some parts of GCAPE?

Well, there are a few reasons.

Firstly, I’m hoping that I’ll be less likely to be accused of copyright infringement or piracy if I only allow registered users to download content. I don’t want GCAPE to become a worldwide repository for bootleg journal articles, which would also impact GCAPE download and bandwidth quotas.

Secondly, spam. When the site first went live I had a contact form that emailed comments to me. Within hours I was being hit with spam. This is also why I haven’t published my email address, and have a rather unhelpful note just to contact me if you need further information. If you need to contact me, then you’ll already know how.

And finally, there is just some stuff that needs to stay private within the local anaesthetic community. When the discussion forums launch in a month or two they will be locked down tight, anaesthetists only!

So, sorry about the hassle. Personally, I hate having to register for websites, so it’s not a decision I took lightly. Most web browsers will remember log in user names and passwords, and you can always check the “remember me” box to stay logged in for a couple of weeks.

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