GCAPE – Frequently Asked Questions

What is GCAPE?

See the “About” page.

Why do I have to register/log in?

To be honest, the real reason is spam. Within hours of setting up GCAPE the site was being hammered by spammers. More reasons are in the post “Registration, a necessary evil”.

I’m having trouble registering   🙁

Every now and again someone has problems registering. Here is a list of all the reasons so far;

  1. You’ve made a spelling mistake with your email address

I’ll update the list as new problems emerge!

If you’re having problems let me know and I’ll help you out. (See what I did there? If you need to contact me you’ll already know how 🙂 )

Who’s involved, and how do I contact them?

Check the “Contact” page.

I have a project/want to help/have a suggestion etc.

Great! Please get in touch.

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