AnSafe Meeting Friday 6th July

(Posted on behalf of Alison Herdman)

Dear All, 

The second  AnSafe Meeting 2018 is to be held at 6pm on Friday July 6th  at the SAS Rooms in Minnie St, Southport. 

This meeting is hosted by SAS and sponsored by APS.

Please email James Derrick or myself for Pindara issues for the Agenda, Stuart Green or Adrian Skidmore for GCPH issues, and Nick Hogan for any Paediatric issues in either hospital.

AnSafe has its own WebAirs reporting and we go through all incidents reported (anonymously) at the meetings. You can sign up with AnSafe webAirs by going to the Gcape website and following the prompts. Please share your near misses for our communal benefit.

Please remember that AnSafe is classified as an Anaesthetic  craft group/M&M Meeting by both Pindara and the GCPH. As part of the accreditation process VM0s are expected to attend 50% of these meetings or at least one per year. CME points can be claimed for your attendance. Please check on the Gcape website after the meeting for details.

Best wishes

Alison Herdman

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