Education Meeting Friday 12th August

(Posted on behalf of Peter McLaren)

Hi Guys,

Our next meeting is on ‘perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis’. The speaker is Andrew Jones in his role as steward of antibiotic practice at Pindara Hospital.

The sponsor is Riad Silcock from F&P Healthcare who will be demonstrating the Optiflow Thrive for delivering high flow intranasal oxygen, just in case you haven’t seen it at a state or national meeting recently.

The venue is the boardroom of Pindara Hospital, situated within the hospital where the old and new sections join. (If you head in from the main entrance you will run straight into it.)

The format is the same: food and drink from 5.30, industry presentation from 5.45 to 6, talk from 6 to 7, or thereabouts. RSVP for catering purposes.

Please let your surgeons know as it pays to be reading from the same page.


Peter McLaren

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