Education Meeting Friday 2nd September

Meeting sponsored by Holly Weir from Seqirus, Australian distributors of Caldolor.

(Posted on behalf of Peter Cook)

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As discussed with Peter McLaren and Hugh Stephens, the September clinical meeting on Friday afternoon 2/9/16 1730 for 1800 at Pindara Hospital Board Room is going to be a combined anaesthesia and intensive care meeting. The first part of the talk will be about non-paediatric anaesthetists and intensivists and their role in paediatric resuscitation – how can we safely resuscitate kids who we may not be accredited to anaesthetise electively? This come from some challenging cases we have had a Tweed Public recently. It is less of an issue in private but could occur in Pindara ED or kids who deteriorate on the paeds ward but it is also an issue that wise and experienced anaesthetists should have vision of and may be able to help address at a political level.

The second part of the talk is on the perioperative management of the septic patient and this will involve a case study not from the Gold Coast. My point here is that non-bleeding patients with severe sepsis should be expeditiously resuscitated, lined and given antibiotics prior to source control in theatre. The operating theatre is not the venue for rapid but titrated therapy preop and these patients should be admitted to intensive care for this prompt treatment. A relevant article is here: 

The title for my talk is:

“Anaesthetists and Challenging Scenarios: Paediatric Resuscitation and Severe Sepsis”

Board Room Pindara


1730 for 1800

You are all welcome. Please RSVP to Peter McLaren for catering.



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