Anaesthetic Safety Committee (AnSafe)

This committee oversees safety on the Gold Coast and issues can be discussed via the [AnSafe] email list. Membership is strictly limited to accredited anaesthetists only.

Participation in QA activities and attendance at Craft Group meetings is a requirement of continuing accreditation at most private hospitals on the Gold Coast. AnSafe is the only organisation that fulfils these requirements.

AnSafe is registered with webAIRS, so you can enter incidents and have them feed back to the committee and the relevant hospitals. Here are details on how to register.

For more details, or to subscribe to the AnSafe email list, please contact Alison Herdman.

Next Meeting 2019
  • Date: Friday 2st August
  • Time: 6.00pm
  • Topic: Ansafe meeting
  • Presenter: Alison Herdman
  • Venue: SAS Rooms, 82-86 Minnie St, Southport.
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Safety Meeting Attendance Lists

Attendance at Safety Meetings attracts 2 points per hour (4 points per meeting) under the Practice Evaluation category of the ANZCA CPD programme. If you attended these any of these meetings you can download the attendance list below to substantiate your claim.

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