Inaugural Video Case Conference

Planning is underway for the first Case Conference via video link (Skype). Really all we need is a list of participants and to set a time and date. Duration will be around one hour, with participants to provide a case/s for discussion. For more details check the Case Conference page, sign up to the CaseConf email list, or contact Ian Cameron.

Hopefully these conferences, conducted from the comfort of your abode, (or even OT if you are stuck with a tardy surgeon,) will become a regular event, and an easy 2 credits per hour for your college CPD.

Wanted: Bloggers

Bloggers wanted for GCAPE Website

  • Do you keep abreast of current developments in Anaesthesia?
  • Are you a regular reader of a favourite journal?
  • Have you just returned from an enlightening conference or workshop?
  • Do you like to share your knowledge and opinions?

If so, then please consider sharing your thoughts and experience on GCAPE.

I would like to see GCAPE become the “go to” website for Gold Coast Anaesthetists for local events, workshops, and up-to-date anaesthesia intelligence. To achieve this I will need some help from people willing to write and post to the blog.

With half a dozen volunteers contributing a post or two every month, there will be fresh content available every few days on the GCAPE website. This will also allow me extra time to deal with the mundane nerdiness of maintaining the site.

Only basic computer and literacy skills are required, along with the dedication to spare an hour or two a month to author your posts. Please contact me if you are willing and able to help.

Ian Cameron

Time to dump Maxolon?

Latest advice from the TGA;

Health professionals are advised of the risk of neurological adverse events, including extrapyramidal disorders and tardive dyskinesia, associated with the use of metoclopramide. A risk of rare cardiac conduction disorders has also been identified.

In response to these identified risks, the following changes have been made to the PI for prescription metoclopramide:

  • it is contraindicated for children aged under one year
  • for young adults (aged under 20 years) and children over one year of age, it is only indicated as second-line therapy
  • the total daily dosage, especially for children and young adults, should not normally exceed 0.5 mg/kg bodyweight, with a maximum of 30 mg daily
  • the maximum dose for adults is 10 mg three times daily
  • the maximum recommended treatment duration is now five days in all age groups.

Dubious clinical efficacy urging higher doses from the British Journal of Anaesthesia83 (5): 761–71 (1999).

Should we just forget about it?