ANSAFE Meeting

(Posted on behalf of Peter McLaren)

Hi all,

Nick Crimmons is chairing a meeting of the anaesthetic safety committee this Friday. The start time is 5.30 for 6 and is being held in SAS rooms, Suite 12, 82-86 Minnie St, Southport. All practices are welcome and food and drink will be supplied.

With some loss of control over our environment (purchase of trolleys, training of assistants, hospital protocols for post-op management, etc.) and the forthcoming movement of Allamanda to a new site, it seems timely, appropriate and important for us to discuss problems and present some form of consensus to the hospitals in which we work. After all, if you happen to be part of a legal case, the lawyers still believe that we are responsible for establishing or accepting the standards under which our patients are cared for.

Most would agree that this type of meeting is important and I encourage you to come along and support Nick’s initiative.


Peter McLaren