AnSafe Meeting Friday 13th

UPDATE – Attendance list now posted on the Safety page.

(Posted on behalf of Alison Herdman)

Dear All,

The AnSafe Meeting on May 13th will be held starting at 6pm at 12/82-86 Minnie St.

There will be a representative from GCPH (we are not sure who yet!) attending first which will serve as the GCPH Anaesthetic Craft Group Meeting offsite.

This will be followed by a discussion of Pindara issues. Dr David Pincus (Paediatrician) will be coming as an observer. He has been attending all the various Pindara Craft group meetings in his part time Pindara clinical governance role.

We will discuss more general issues after this.

The meeting is being sponsored by Edwards Lifesciences who will be providing refreshments and a very brief talk at the start.

Attendance at the meeting carries Practice Evaluation CPD reward points.

Best wishes

Alison Herdman