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Anaphylaxis Workshop Saturday 29th July

Helen Crilly  is running another Anaphylaxis workshop at John Flynn Hospital. This workshop is approved by ANZCA as an Emergency Response Activity for CPD purposes.

  • Venue: Auditorium, John Flynn Hospital
  • Date and Time: Saturday 29th July
  • Cost: Nil
  • Workshop description: The format involves some pre-reading, then practically using the updated anaphylaxis box to complete 3 different case scenarios in pairs, followed by a small group discussion to debrief and time for questions at the end. It will take 90 minutes.

To register, please log in and submit the form on the Anaphylaxis page.

Chlorhexidine Anaphylaxis

At a recent clinical meeting, our local allergy guru Helen Crilly spoke about the growing and potentially lethal problem of chlorhexidine allergy. Helen has graciously provided the source documents for the chlorhexidine allergy kits that have recently been added to the red anaphylaxis boxes.

From Helen;

Please find attached docs from the Friday night meeting as promised. Other than the ANZCA Docs these aids are not endorsed – just what I use to manage chlorhexidine free when I have a case. We are going to develop this and ultimately get it up on ANZAAG website.

The documents are mostly in word format so that they can be customised according to local needs.

  • Drug infusion guidelines for JFH
  • Docs for chlorhex free management including ANZCA docs
  • Chlorhex stickers – Wipes sticker is meant to be placed near all injection points to prevent wiping of IV line access points. The Chlorhexidine anaphylaxis label can be used on cover of chart or other documents that you want to highlight chlorhex allergy, on patient wrist bands (or patient forehead if necessary!) These should be printed on 14 sticker (7×2) Avery template L7163FP – available from Officeworks in a variety of colours (I prefer the fluoro pink).
  • Chlorhex signs – sent as word docs in case anyone wants to customise. Best if they are laminated.