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ANZCA Safety Updates

Implementation of non-luer, non-interconnectable neuraxial connectors

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard for device connectors used for neural applications has been published. The devices on which these connectors will be used are neuraxial, including spinal and epidural access, cerebral intraventricular drainage and access devices, peripheral nerve anaesthesia devices and associated equipment required such as syringes, infusion connectors (patient end) etc. See ISO 80369-6 Small bore connectors for liquids and gases in healthcare applications – Part 6: Connectors for neuraxial applications.

ANZCA’s position on CICO

ANZCA has clarified its position on can’t intubate, can’t oxygenate (CICO) front of neck access in response to the release of the Royal College of Anaesthetists’ (RCoA) statement “Anaesthetists and surgeons reach agreement on front of neck emergency techniques in life-threatening ‘CICO’ situations”, associated with a BJA editorial “Surgical intervention during a can’t intubate can’t oxygenate (CICO) event: emergency front of neck airway (FONA)?”. The College does not “mandate” one approach to FONA over the other for a number of reasons. For more information, please see here.

New airway assessment resource

A new resource, Airway Assessment, has been produced for use by ANZCA Fellows and trainees to improve understanding and to guide management of airway assessment and difficult airways. It is the first of a series of airway resources and complements the Transition to CICO resource document (and ANZCA professional document PS61).

Practice points: postoperative monitoring

Understanding the time periods of highest risk and individual patient risk factors for respiratory depression may assist in efficient resource allocation in postoperative patients. Drug-induced respiratory depression is associated with significant morbidity and mortality in the postoperative period and medical devices such as telemetry systems are a valuable resource often used for monitoring patients after surgery. Read the full article on the TGA website.


Oesophageal Doppler Workshop Friday 9th September

(Posted on behalf of Peter McLaren)

  • Date: Friday 9th September
  • Time: 5.30 for 6.00pm
  • Topic: Deltex oesophageal doppler workshop
  • Presenter: Lynne Bradshaw
  • Venue: Seminar room 1, ground floor, Gold Coast Private Hospital.

Hi guys,

Lynne Bradshaw from Bradshaw Muir medical has offered to present a workshop on the Deltex oesophageal Doppler on Friday, 9th September. This will make two local meetings in that month as well as the annual national ASA conference that some of you will be attending.

The attraction in accepting was that she will be bringing clinicians and educators with her who are coming out to present at the ASA conference and this was the Gold Coast’s chance to be included in their circuit. They will be bringing manikins, they have a paediatric probe as well and it will be quite hands-on.

The venue is changed; it will be seminar room 1 on the ground floor of the GCPH. 5.30 for 6. Food and drink supplied. Please RSVP for catering purposes. Parking passes will be supplied for those who don’t have a permanent one.


Peter McLaren