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This is a low volume list for major announcements of events and items of interest for Gold Coast anaesthetists. If you have been receiving Peter’s Friday night education emails then you have been automatically subscribed to this list.

If not, sign up for the Announcements email list.

(Please note that replies to this list are blocked by the server, so no discussion is possible. Please email the sender of the original announcement for further information.)


This is the email list of the Anaesthetic Safety Committee. This committee oversees safety on the Gold Coast and issues can be discussed via this email list. Membership is strictly limited to accredited anaesthetists only.

Please contact Alison Herdman to subscribe to this list.

This list is a discussion list, by default replies to messages are broadcast to everyone so you can share your opinions.


The CaseConf email list is used to organise video case conferences for ANZCA CPD. You earn 2 points per hour under the Practice Evaluation category for case discussions/conferencing.

Link to the CaseConf email list.


This is an email list for notification and discussion of commercial equipment and drug trials currently being conducted in private hospitals Australia-wide. Membership is restricted to Anaesthetists and all discussions are confidential. Please contact Alison Herdman if you would like to subscribe to this list.

Pindara Anaesthetists

An announcement only list for all Pindara accredited Anaesthetists. Contact Alison Herdman for details, or Ian Cameron for technical issues.

Other Lists

Would you like to set up a list? Please contact Ian Cameron for details.

About Email Lists

Email lists facilitate email communication between large groups of people, and are an important feature of GCAPE.

You are probably familiar with Peter’s email messages that notify us of the Friday night education sessions that he organises. You’ll notice at the start of each message that there is a long list of email addresses for the recipients. It’s quite a bit of work maintaining the list of addresses, and it is difficult if you want to send a reply to all the same people who received the original message.

An email list gets around these problems by storing a list of all the email addresses on a computer server, which then sends an individual email message to each subscriber on the list. Subscribers can join or leave the list by sending email commands to the list server or via a web page, can choose to receive individual or digests of messages, and can view archives of old messages.

Privacy is improved as well, as your email is not being broadcast in every message sent to every recipient. The system is “closed”, so you can’t send email to the list if you aren’t on the list. This prevents spam being sent through the list.

Here is Wikipedia’s article on email lists;

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